Sharyn Abbott
Sharyn Abbott, Founder

The Ultimate Business University is a non profit (501(c)3) organization designed to support our youth at risk. It encompasses UB-High Schools and our 4-year college program.

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The Audio Story

In 1970 90% of all high school students graduated. Today it is less than 60% of our children in the United States will graduate from High School.

Left to their own devices, 50% of these children will be incarcerated or not live past the age of 35.

The Ultimate Business High School program will provide at-risk children an alternative to the dead-end system that is currently available which keeps them without the hope of a bright future. The combination between multimedia education and a full scale trade school will offer a well balanced future.

Our Missions is:

  • to intervene and reclaim young people from lives of crime
  • to provide an overloaded court system with a reliable alternative to incarceration for youths
  • to create a safe environment for youth
  • to provide education systems that will transcend conventional methods and help these at risk youth discover their true genius

We create solutions to the problems that got the child in trouble in the first place. It could be a family problem, a drug habit, alcohol abuse, or illiteracy. The child may need counseling, tutoring, job training, or rehab. Sometimes they need a place to live, food and even clothing.

Whatever the problem, we can almost always find a way to help. And when we do, we solve the real problem and something amazing happens.

The child doesn’t get into trouble again.

UB-HS has developed solutions that will catapult the learning process into the 21st century by transforming the mass production assembly line of education today, into a more individualized model based on  customizing the education to the students particular personality and innate skills. Many of our current teaching practices are good, but the public education model cannot produce the desired outcomes we know are possible.

Our main goal at UB-High Schools will be to return these children to the perfect beings the were born to be.

Join our cause. Help in any way you can:

  • Provide specialized education
  • Connections
  • Funding


Sharyn founded Youth Enterprise in 1977; was on the Board of Directors for American Diabetes Association and Easter Seals; and did fund raising for Rubicon Homes for abused children throughout the 90s.

Sharyn created the idea for UBU (now Ultimate Business – High Schools) after her adopted brother became terminally ill in 1998. She became his primary health care advocate and through the ten years of his care became acutely aware of the number of children living on the streets because of the stories he told about being in foster care.

UB-HS is designed to take children off of the streets and empower them to live the fulfilling life they deserve through unique educational and wellness programs.

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